α-Bromopropionic Acid
α-Bromoisobutyric Acid Ethyl Ester
α-Bromopropionic Acid

Molecular Formula: C3H5BrO2

Molecular Weight: 152.98

Character: Colorless diamond crystal,relative density 1.700(20°C), m.p.25°C b.p.203.5°C(133KPa,96°C),refractive index 1.4753,easily dissolved in water,alcohol and ether.It will turn to belactic acid when acting with hot alkali,turn to be propionic acid when acting with sodium amalgan.

Application: It is mainly used for producing herbicide,napropamide,and medical intermediate,alanine.It is also used as synthetic intermediate of amino acid,Vitamin B6,food additive and sweet taste agent,and also used as organic synthetic Material.

Quality Index:

Appearance Colorless diamond crystal
Content ≥99%
Moisture ≤0.1%

Storage: Store under low temperature and keep away from sunshine.Do not touch skin for its poison and causticity.

Packing: 100kg steel barrel lined with plastic or 250kg plastic barrel.


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